DA Collect Payment Collection

DA Collect Payment Collection

DA Collect is an Automation system for collecting payments in the field which helps process and organize payments information on the mobile platform. It also helps businesses to cut costs through early intervention in potentially criminal cases, thereby reducing the manual tasks.
DA Collect is a payment collection application for Banking, Finance, and Non-Banking Finance Company, helping the companies to have a smooth operation with more security. DA Collect helps businesses in improving service experience.

DA- Collect challenges the commonly used payment collection process in the market that are listed below:

  • Manual intervention at every step makes it a time-consuming process
  • Errors in any of the step lead to delay in information flow
  • Delayed flow of information furthermore leads to late reaction
  • Massive operational cost involvement
  • Card payment tender is not supported
  • Risk in collection of significant monetary value
  • Less control on customers’ feedback
  • Option of cross-selling of products is not available

Scope of DA- collect- Payment collection solution

  • Customer’s detail format are configured manually once and used forever from HO to agents avoiding the manual task every time
  • Terminal level features are configurable at HO level, like number of reprints, cash collection limit, number of offline transactions, agent’s employee ID and last receipt number so that the terminal can be exchanged
  • Supports multiple business verticals in one program.
  • “Mapper” to map allocation b/w Merchants’ server – DA Collect server
  • Supports various hierarchy levels for reporting
  • Supports distribution at HO level only
  • Activities tracked online / offline happening in the field of – collection, feedback, cross-selling, the amount paid by a customer, etc.
  • Application updates in terminals through GPRS connectivity
  • Supports various payment tenders – DD, PO, cash and cheque
  • Reallocation of job is allowed from back-end during day time without calling agents back to the Branch Office
  • Reconciliation between jobs allocated BOD and collections done EOD
  • Cross-selling of products allowed on the terminal
  • Machine locking(amount and number of transactions configurable) in case of number deposit to BO

Target Customer:

  1. Broadband / Cable companies
  2. Micro Finance / NonBanking Finance Company.
  3. Nationalized Banks.
  4. E- Commerce Company. ( for collecting cash on delivery)